Quick Shortener

This tool allows you to quickly shorten any URL in any page without using any fancy method. This is perhaps the quickest and the easiest method available for you to shorten URLs across all platforms. This method will generate a unique short URL for you that you will be able to access anytime from your dashboard.

Use your quick URL below to shorten any URL by adding the URL after /q/?u=. For security reasons, you need to be logged in and using the remember me feature. Check out the examples below to understand how to use this method.




You can use our bookmarklet tool to instantaneously shorten any site you are currently viewing and if you are logged in on our site, it will be automatically saved to your account for future access. Simply drag the following link to your bookmarks bar or copy the link and manually add it to your favorites.

If you can't drag the link above, use your browser's bookmark editor to create a new bookmark and add the URL below as the link.


javascript:void((function(){if(window.location.protocol=='https:'){window.location=''+encodeURIComponent(document.URL);}else{var e=document.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('data-url','');e.setAttribute('data-token','af7473d06e0406f3b1076ffbe9938715');e.setAttribute('id','gem_bookmarklet');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('src','');document.body.appendChild(e)}})());
Please note that for secured sites that use SSL, the widget will not pop up due to security issues. In that case, the user will be redirected our site where you will be able to view your short URL.
Developer Api
you need to register yourself before starting this tool.
2. Verify your email.
4.Go to tools option under Public Profile.

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