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Shorten URLs

Make email-friendly links. Use on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns. Shorten and track it for business or educational projects.

Track URLs

Click statistics. Get interactive charts with click analytics... trace uniques, returning clicks, visitors' country of origin, browsers used and more! No account needed to monitor stats.

Manage URLs

Edit or delete a URL. See your complete tiny link history... with tools to manage, filter, tag, search and share URLs. Statistical link analysis is now amazingly simple using Tiny!

  1. Shareable, user-friendly URLs
  2. Edit links feature for registered users
  3. Accounts for managing links
  4. Track click statistics; and no account needed to monitor stats
  5. Bookmarklet tool for one-click link shortening anywhere on the web
  6. Short links using your brand or custom domain
  7. High volume commercial URL platforms for applications such as SMS text, email, advertising or social media campaigns
  8. Custom option for making personalized URLs

Insert URLs into email or Skype and never have issues with the links wrapping or breaking. Ideal for blogs, forums, social networks. Used in ebooks, online magazines, newspapers and journals. Archival uses in schools and universities. Used in QR codes - it generates a simpler code with lower dpi for printed versions. Or anytime you run into a ridiculously long URL that just won't fit the spot Volume91.com can make your address short, plus meaningful! See our:

Need marketing insight for your business?
Measure the conversions for links and understand your traffic with Volume91.com statistics. We can help grow your audience and increase traffic. Shorten a link for your ad campaign and track it. Hide a link. Have an address that you don't want to reveal... such as an affiliate link? Cloak and redirect it - the recipient will only see a short address containing the Volume91.com domain. Make a link to your online survey or invitation. And Tiny has more advanced tools such as a traffic filter that is perfect for marketing, surveys or research projects.

Track banner Ads for internet marketing

An Ad is a piece of html code that includes a URL to refer the visitor to a merchants's web site. Convert it into a Tiny URL and replace it in the Ad's html code. When clicked it works behind the scenes to gather stats and redirect visitors to your seller's landing page or web site. This allows you to track Ads by viewing statistics related to user clicks.

Campaign Tracking:

Convert referrer or affiliate URLs into tiny's and use on Ads, emails, hyperlinks and track their success.

Action Tracking:

Convert action links (form submissions, signups, opt-ins, survey or checkout completions) into tiny's so you know which entry pages attract the most visitors and which pages are converting them. Test ad variations, ad copy or search terms.

Use Tiny to track QR Code campaigns

Volume91.com can provide tracking stats and also generate free QR codes. How our QR-Codes work





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